Charleston: Day 3

We spent part of the late morning and early afternoon back in the old part of Charleston. We had hoped to be able to go inside a couple of churches, but neither were open. We did, though, get to walk around one of the cemeteries of the church.

Circular Congregation Church

If you walk around for very long, you will notice that lots of buildings have these circular crosses in their walls:

They are metal rods called earthquake bolts or turnbuckles that run through the buildings used to straighten them after the 1886 earthquake.

We then rode the ferry across the bay out to Ft. Sumter.


View of Charleston from the Ferry

Boat Followers

Ft. Sumter from the Ferry

Ferry from inside the Fort

For dinner, we went to a fine eating establishment. You just can’t get food like this in Western North Carolina:

Finally, South Carolina has an interesting definition of the word truck.

We are heading home tomorrow and looking forward to seeing the girls. It has been a good trip.

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