November Weather

Like last month, this month was colder than last year’s November—but not by much. The average low was the same at 38°, but the average high was 5° cooler. We also got almost an inch more rain than last year with almost 7 inches. It also snowed off and on all Tuesday morning before turning to sleet and then rain. Our first snow last year was on Dec. 5. Our low was 22° and the high was 69°. Considering it was already in the 20s when we got home tonight, I imagine it will be quite cold in the morning.

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1 Response to November Weather

  1. beth says:

    Brrr. I am shivering over here in Texas! 42 this morning, with highs in the mid-60s is what we have been having! Kristen leaves this morning as Blake takes her to Ausin to get a ride to Houston to go on her Galveston cruise! It has been nice having her so long(week & half). Miss you all.

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