Snow, Go, Moe

Snow: It snowed again yesterday—all afternoon, in fact. But none of it stuck. However, five miles up the road, this is what it looked like.

Not a lot, but pretty none-the-less. Our first measurable snow last year was on the 12th of Dec. The girls are getting antsy.

Go: The snow in the picture was west of our house on the way to Knoxville, where Dana and I headed this morning a little after 7:00 after dropping the girls off at some friends. I had a pastor’s meeting; Dana did some shopping. Then she came back to pick me up, and we did some more shopping. We finally got back here about 8:30.

One of our stops was at the Apple store. We did leave with something new, but it was not anything we paid for. And no, we didn’t steal anything either! My power cord was developing a short, and the computer was still under warranty, so we are the proud owners of a new power cord. They would not, however, trade the old power cord for an ipad or new desktop.

The friends that our girls stayed with have three little kids. He has built a climbing wall in his basement for his kids. They are quite good. Rebekah tried her hand at it today as well. At the top of the wall is a hold that looks somewhat like a nose, so they say if you can “pick the nose” you’re doing well. Rebekah managed to do it this evening. We’re so proud that she can pick the nose!

Moe: We ate at Moe’s Southwest Grill tonight on the way home. I don’t think Texas has these, at least not that we are aware. Think: What would Subway be like if they made tacos, nachos, burritos (for those of you who have eaten at Chuy’s, you can get a burrito bigger than those), and quesadillas instead of sandwiches? And then think about something better with 70s music playing. That’s Moe’s.

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