Catching Up

It has been a busy last ten days: getting ready for company and getting ready for Christmas.

Several days ago Dana made tamales for Christmas Eve:

Soak the Cornhusks

The Meat!

Mix the Masa

Masa in the Husk

Add the Meat

Pile 'Em Up!

They were quite good, and Dana made it feel a little more like Christmas Eve with the tamale tradition.

We picked up Mom and Eugene at the Atlanta airport Friday afternoon. We had to wait for the next flight to get their luggage. After hearing horror stories about how bad the traffic was going to be, we were prepared for the worst, but the trip down (early afternoon) was not bad at all, and by the time we got out of the airport and ate dinner, the traffic had cleared out.


We had a large crowd Christmas Eve and, as expected, a rather small crowd Christmas morning. But we are thankful for our church family in so many ways. It is a pleasure to get to spend so much time with such wonderful people.

This afternoon we will take a tour around the county to see some sights. We will take Mom and Eugene back to the airport on Tuesday. Then we take a deep breath and look forward to our next company: Dana’s sister and husband and five kids are coming on Friday.

The girls have wanted snow (especially when the cousins are here), but this winter has turned out to be much milder than last, and as of today, nothing is in the forecast. Not sure if we will make the possum drop on New Year’s Eve or not seeing how the next morning is church, and we will have to get 12 people up and ready.

We have had a fair amount of rain, but that has not deterred the cat from being in her favorite place: outside.

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