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January Weather and Travel Plans

Well, we’re still waiting. I suppose last year spoiled us, but I’m of the mind that if it is not going to snow, it might as well be summer. Seeing how it rained almost 7 inches this month, it might … Continue reading

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House Hunting

We have officially begun house hunting. On Tuesday we went to look at this house. It is a 3/2.5. Not sure it’s the one, but it is a start. While it is in a different part of the county, it’s … Continue reading

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Sleet, Rain, Snow, Schools, Swimming, and Andy Griffith

When it pretends to snow, like last night—this after driving through sleet and rain coming home—things get strange with schools around here. This county is about 40 miles long and has four high schools. But unlike the county where I … Continue reading

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Dusting Off the Clubs

I did something I haven’t done in—well—I’m not sure how long it’s been since I last played golf. Maybe before seminary, but I’m fairly sure it’s been since before we moved to Dallas in 2007. But I went out with … Continue reading

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Sore Necks and Sleepy Eyes

If you note the time when you received the e-mail notification, you aren’t seeing things wrong. We actually chose to get up at this bizarre hour to see the quadrantid meteor shower. Despite it being 19° when we got up, … Continue reading

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December Weather

December 2011 was much warmer than the end of the year last year. The average high, 53°, was 14° warmer than last year’s, and the average low, 33°, was 11° warmer than last year. Last December it snowed on 8 … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

We have enjoyed the Baileys this weekend. Other than us forcing them to sleep a little, the cousins have not stopped since they arrived. From capture the flag to building a ginger bread house to Scattergories to roasting biscuit pies … Continue reading

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