Happy New Year

We have enjoyed the Baileys this weekend. Other than us forcing them to sleep a little, the cousins have not stopped since they arrived. From capture the flag to building a ginger bread house to Scattergories to roasting biscuit pies on the fire, it has been non-stop fun. Hard to believe that the visit will end tomorrow. We did not make the possum drop last night nor did we make it over to the Appalachian Trail—two things that were on the list of possible things to do. But we did enjoy a nice evening out thanks to Doc and Roberta. Colin and I even got to take a late night trip to the hospital—no, no injuries. I was on chaplain call this week and got a call the night they got here, so Colin accompanied me and looked around the hospital while I was with the family.

Some pictures of our weekend:

The Girls

The Ginger Bread House

Late Night Scattergories

Happy New Year!

Biscuit Pies: Thanks Matthew for the Great Fire!

Elizabeth's Meticulous Preparation

William Adding the Filling


Rebekah's Sparkler

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