December Weather

December 2011 was much warmer than the end of the year last year. The average high, 53°, was 14° warmer than last year’s, and the average low, 33°, was 11° warmer than last year. Last December it snowed on 8 different days and amounted to 14 inches. This year: twice, no accumulation. It’s not that it wasn’t cold at times. We had 14 mornings at or below freezing—the coldest was 20°, compared with 4° last December. It did rain 4 inches, though.

January has started out much colder: it was 15° this morning, and there was a light dusting of snow on the ground as well—maybe a quarter inch on the porch. The cat has been content to stay inside this morning.

The Baileys got off yesterday. We had a great time together. The girls are already thinking about summer and seeing them again. Unfortunately, we have a long semester in between.

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