Sore Necks and Sleepy Eyes

If you note the time when you received the e-mail notification, you aren’t seeing things wrong. We actually chose to get up at this bizarre hour to see the quadrantid meteor shower. Despite it being 19° when we got up, we bundled up, braved the cold, and looked to the heavens. The girls’ peripheral vision must be better than mine as they saw many more than I did. Jenna and Lauren both saw about the average of one per minute that we read one might see.

I took the camera, but I didn’t manage to capture streaks in the direction I had the camera pointing. I need a wider angle lens I suppose.

Since we are all wide awake, I suppose we might as well start the day and take a nap later on.

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1 Response to Sore Necks and Sleepy Eyes

  1. Sheri Schwed says:

    It’s fun seeing those. I watched one in Canyon Lake when I lived there. Good for y’all!

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