Dusting Off the Clubs

I did something I haven’t done in—well—I’m not sure how long it’s been since I last played golf. Maybe before seminary, but I’m fairly sure it’s been since before we moved to Dallas in 2007. But I went out with a guy from church today. It warmed up nicely today into the low 60s with a beautiful blue sky. Despite the warm weather, there was still some snow on the ground in various places. I was very pleased with my 90 considering I hadn’t played in so long and considering I was eight over after the first four holes.

I don’t guess I have ever played a course quite so hilly or so beautiful. I wonder what it looks like in the spring or fall. I doubt this will become a habit, but maybe I can play more than once every four years or so!

We started back to school this week, and next Tuesday the girls and I go back to our Tuesday CC classes. Time to get back into a routine.

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