Sleet, Rain, Snow, Schools, Swimming, and Andy Griffith

When it pretends to snow, like last night—this after driving through sleet and rain coming home—things get strange with schools around here. This county is about 40 miles long and has four high schools. But unlike the county where I grew up which had four high schools in four different school districts (though only half the population of this county), this county is all one district. The distance from the high school furthest east to the one furthest west is 32 miles. So it can be raining on one end of the county and snowing on the other. The roads might be fine on one end of the county and horrible on the other. Regardless, if one school is unreachable, they all get to be. That has been the case a couple of times this winter, this morning being one of those as some roads somewhere—not here—were icy this morning, giving way to a late start all around.

Homeschooling allows us to ignore what the rest of the county does, so we plowed ahead (pun intended) with work today, along with some hot chocolate and blankets on the couch as it never got to 30° today after starting at 19°.

Tonight we watched the first two episodes of the first season of Andy Griffith, a Christmas present.

Rebekah’s going to take swimming lessons starting next week. No she is not joining the polar bear club. The fitness center in town covers and heats their pool in the winter.

There are two more chances of snow this week, but neither look very promising. If all it is going to do is be cold, I’m ready for summer.

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1 Response to Sleet, Rain, Snow, Schools, Swimming, and Andy Griffith

  1. Sheri Schwed says:

    Brr, I’m already ready for summer and we’ve had a mild winter (so far).

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