House Hunting

We have officially begun house hunting. On Tuesday we went to look at this house.

It is a 3/2.5. Not sure it’s the one, but it is a start. While it is in a different part of the county, it’s not a great deal closer to church or town. But the area is beautiful, there is a place for a garden, and it is close to some friends from church.

Two of the three girls have been sick this week: Jenna went to the Dr. on Monday and had strep. She is feeling much better. Rebekah began running a fever this morning. It’s good that the girls share.

In the creative department, our high school youth guy wanted something on the wall in the youth room to write on besides the very small and hard to erase white board. He got a 5′ x 3′ piece of tempered glass (for free) and painted the back of it black. While that does give it a mirrored look, it also can be written on with neon dry erase markers. Very effective and very free. We like both.

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