Rainbows and Snow

Today there was no Classical Conversations so we went skiing at Cataloochee. It was very fun. We got up at 6:00 and got warm clothes on. Then we left. When we arrived we got tickets, boots, and skis. Then after we finally were ready it was almost time to take my ski lessons. During my ski lessons I learned Pizza and French Fries, side step, and turning. After that we went down the first green slope. It did not turn out that good. So we went to eat lunch. I had a cheeseburger. Then we went down the hill again. It was not as hard. Then we went again and again, and each time it got easier. We went with my friend Joylin. After a while I wanted to do the other green slope, so dad took me up. Then I went down, and it was hard. I tried it again, and it was worse. When we went inside, I realized that I just skied a blue! I had a fun time on my first time skiing.

Oh yeah, on the way we saw a rainbow or maybe a snowbow!


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