House Hunting

We are closing in on a decision—not that there have been many options. This is a house we looked at a couple of weeks ago:

The layout was too strange to be practical for us.

We have been inside one other house (no pictures) but it had no yard to speak of and wasn’t any closer to where we wanted to be than where we are now. Beyond that the options have been limited: up on a mountain somewhere, too far away, or too small: lots of 2/2 houses available.

We are going back to look at this house this morning:

We think this is our only real option. We have to decide one way or another by Wednesday. So we are going back to measure some rooms and think more specifically about where things might fit and how things might be arranged. We will also get to see it on a beautiful sunny day instead of the rain and clouds that accompanied our last visit. Hopefully that will give us a better idea of how much light the windows give the place.

Other than that we are in the throes of making summer plans, working hard at school, and dreading the thought of packing.

Speaking of school, one of the things that Lauren and Rebekah have been working on this year is drawing the US map free hand. They started just tracing and then working on different sections. Now Lauren is doing the whole country. She starts by tracing the outline of the US (north, south, east, and west borders) and fills in the rest free hand.

Finally, I finished reading Lord of The Rings to Rebekah a couple of nights ago, and last night we stayed up late and watched the last movie. I think Rebekah and I will start the Percy Jackson series next. I also just finished reading Anne of Avonlea to Jenna and Lauren. We have a movie to watch now before starting the next book in that series, Anne of the Island. There are eight books in that series, so we have six to go.

Ok, really finally: I have heard numerous times lately that this winter is just like the winter of ’93 when they got over two feet of snow at one time in March. While we would like some snow this winter, we don’t really want two feet at one time.

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