February Weather

Though the colds were colder and the warms were warmer, February was only slightly warmer, overall, than January, and only a degree warmer than February last year. With another 3.5″ of rain, we are over 10″ for the year so far. March has started off nicely, with a high in the 70s today. Lots of trees are budding out, the daffodils are blooming in the flower bed as well as the vinca.

We are slowly beginning the process of packing. The girls have gone through some boxes of stuff under the beds, and Dana and I have gone through a couple of boxes as well, getting rid of things. I found several cases of old 3.5″ floppy disks. I showed one to Rebekah, and she said, “What is that?” Her idea of saving something on a computer now consists solely of a thumb drive.

Speaking of Rebekah, she turns 10 on Monday. We will have no more single digit kids any more!

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