From best I can tell, the tornado passed about 4 miles north of our house. It tore up lots of trees just south of the high school out here before heading into Murphy, where it did a lot of damage in a community called Texana just north of town. Then it hit several businesses on the east side of town, destroying a feed store and doing serious damage to several big stores: Save-a-Lot, Sherwin Williams, and the grocery store. After that it headed east and did a lot of damage to a community called Peachtree. So far there have been no reports of serious injuries; though, there were some people trapped in their houses.

The girls made sandwiches this afternoon, and we took them down to an area that was in need of food, and we are trying to figure out if we can meet there again in the morning as a church and help out. Our community certainly was not affected as bad as some in other parts of the country, but there will be lots of work to be done for many days to come. We are thankful for electricity tonight and a roof over our heads as lots of people have neither, and it is supposed to be in the low 30s tonight with a chance of snow tomorrow night.


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