Moving: Part II

The proverbial snowball has started rolling, and it actually began with something cold—er, actually not so cold. The freezer (and probably fridge) went out last night. So I have taken two ice chests full of food to the new house. And we began thinking, well, since our food is already there…

So we have called some friends who have a cargo van they use for their business. We are going to borrow that in a little while and move at least the beds and whatever else we can fit in the van. So surprise, surprise: last night was our last night in the house.

I have also been on the phone trying to get our internet hooked up. We are going to have to change providers and lose some speed based on where we are moving. I’m just hoping for ESPN3 on from our provider. Their faster service (which we can’t get has it), but the lady I talked to didn’t know about the slower service. It won’t be hooked up until the 28th. So if we are a bit slow replying to e-mails…

And of course, we are still trying to get school accomplished today.

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