Herrington Update

Rebekah had a belated birthday with friends last weekend. They made bracelets and enjoyed spending the afternoon together. The impending company forced us to unpack relocate all of our boxes. The living room/dining room/kitchen looks like someone has moved in now. Easter morning, I got up and watched the sunrise from our backyard. After church we were invited over to our neighbors (the ones with the pool) to their family Easter lunch. It was a potluck lunch, complete with a serious couple of games of croquet, and an egg decorating contest. Here is Lauren’s: and Jenna’s: Monday I went hiking with a new pastor in town. He’s from SC and went to seminary in Kentucky. The dogwoods were blooming along one shoulder of a nearby mountain.


That night I had my class over that I tutor to eat pizza and watch The Village. We had some great discussion about the movie and some good pizza too.

Beva had begun to venture outside now. She found a bird’s nest on her first day out.

Lauren is competing in a speech contest at the local middle school this week. Her and Rebekah have their last Classical Conversations class this Tuesday. Both of them are trying to become “Memory Masters,” reciting all of the material they have learned this year in one sitting: 180 sequential events in history, 24 U.S. history sentences, the presidents, all the Latin words in John 1:1–7, multiplication tables through 15, cubes through 10, lots of math laws, states, capitals, and the prominent geographic features in the country, some chemistry facts, and the main parts of all the systems in the body.

Jenna and I have four more weeks, but we are winding down. We have no more new Latin or reading for American Literature. Lots of review before finals. All the girls will still have a little math left, but we they are excited that summer break is so close, which means camp, a trip to Texas, and hopefully some company!

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