My neighbor came over with his tractor a couple of days ago and did this:

He said he’d let it sit for a few days and then come run over it again. While it might be a little late for some things, most folks say it is too early to put much in. We aren’t safe from a freeze until the first of May, but we are excited about having a garden by the house instead of 2 miles away like last year.

The bird eggs hatched this week. Beva can only venture out with supervision these days until the baby birds fly off. I haven’t been able to get a picture to turn out yet. It’s just too dark down in that little nest.


Lauren is going to hear the band Mercy Me on Saturday night with some friends, and they are going to get a question and answer time with the band before the concert. Then Sunday night we are all going to Cleveland, TN to see Gungor in concert. If you are not familiar with them, you might watch this:

Or maybe this:

We are having some friends over for dinner tomorrow night, so the weekend is sufficiently full, but it should be lots of fun.

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