Weather Info

I have found a “Personal Weather Station” that is about 120 feet higher in elevation and about half a mile across the valley, up the hill from our house. I have put a sticker on the right side of the blog with the current temperature. It usually runs within a couple of degrees of the thermometer on our front porch. For example, this morning it was 58° on our porch and the weather station said 60°. My guess is my Wal-Mart thermometer is not as accurate as whoever has put this one up. You can see the complete information here.

Speaking of weather: this April looked about like last April temperature wise: same average high, a degree warmer for the average low and one inch less rain. What is interesting is that while our temperature matches up fairly well with this weather station across the way, it shows one whole inch less rain in April than what my rain gauge showed: 3″ vs. 4″.

Jenna and I had our next to the last class yesterday. Last night I typed up my last final: Latin. Next week is finals. I hope we are finished by lunch.

In two weeks Dana and I will head to Anderson, SC for three days for some training for next year. I will be moving up to tutor this group of kids as they will be sophomores (more Latin, Alg. II, British Lit., Western Cultural History, Formal Logic, and Biology). I might have another student join our group, making a nice little group of five. Dana is going to tutor the 1st and 2nd grade class next year. We were hoping to stop in Athens, GA on the way and see some old friends from Texas, but they are going to be out of town.

Tomorrow evening Lauren competes in the next round of the speech contest. This weekend we are going to Atlanta to see the Passages Exhibit with some friends. They supposedly have some old Greek manuscripts and it tells the story of how we got our English Bibles.

Our neighbor came over yesterday and tilled up the garden spot again. Not it is time to start thinking about planting. If we weren’t going to be gone on Saturday, that would be the day. I’m going to have to find some time to get it ready in the next few days.

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