Week in Review

Lauren participated in the state speech contest on Thursday. Unfortunately she did not place in the top three. Though we heard from a friend that the reason the judges took so long—which they did–was that they couldn’t agree on Lauren’s score. Other than the girl who won first, Lauren’s was the only one presented without any mistakes, but she was not as animated as two of the other girls. So we assume the discussion was on organization/smoothness vs. expression. It was a good experience for Lauren, and she did a great job. Her good friend Bri won first, and will now send in a video for the national competition.

We began planting in the garden: green beans and some tomatoes so far. The tomatoes were free. Our bank has a customer appreciation day each spring where they have hotdogs and free tomato plants. We took advantage of both.

Yes, that is coleslaw. They do that around here.

We attempted a picture of the “extra large” moon the other night. I couldn’t see much difference between that and normal. And my camera wasn’t responding the way I wanted it to, but this is the best we could do as it was coming over the mountain across the road.

Saturday, we went to Atlanta with some friends to see the Passages exhibit. Despite how long it took to go through, the whole exhibit was fascinating from start to finish. From the second oldest fragment of John’s gospel, to a Bible printed in gold ink, to a working replica of Gutenberg’s printing press, to several 1st editions of printed Bibles (including the “wicked Bible” and the “child killer Bible,” and one of Erasmus’s first editions of his critical Greek text—which helped fuel the reformation) to some old Hebrew scrolls along with the stories behind them all. The girls were engaged. Jenna enjoyed the fact that she could read some of the Latin, and there was a scavenger hunt for Rebekah. There were some animatronics so you could ask Jerome some questions, listen to Calvin preach in Geneva, and listen to Anne Boleyn and Tyndale. Fun but long day.

Jenna and I finish up CC on Tuesday. I’m giving a couple of finals: philosophy and government, and we are enjoying an end of the year meal together. Jenna will still have some geometry and biology left, but the year is almost over. Dana and I are going to Anderson, SC in a week for some training for next year’s CC.

We’ve found a new possible destination for some site seeing. About an hour from here down in Georgia is a place called Amicalola Falls. It is the tallest water falls in the SE at over 700 feet. It is also the approach to the beginning of the AT. Don’t know when we’ll make it, but hopefully sometime before it gets too warm.

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One Response to Week in Review

  1. beth says:

    Hats off to Lauren for her speaking competitions! Hurray for the end of the school year approaching! Stupendous photos, dear Michael!

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