Weekend Update

We have had a busy, but fun weekend. Saturday, I drove down to Atlanta to see my friend James one last time before he heads back to Africa for four years. We played a round of golf (beautiful course–not so beautiful scores) and enjoyed some BBQ.

Then Sunday after church we headed east to Greensboro to visit some good friends of ours, the Kilmers, from Texas. We knew them from the singles’ group in Temple. They got married 3 months after we did, and Deanna sang in our wedding. We thought that this would be the farthest east the girls had ever been, but after looking at a map, Jenna’s and Lauren’s trip to the Fl. Keys last year was actually farther east. But this is the farthest north they have ever been, so at least one milestone was reached.

They have a few acres outside of Greensboro with fruit trees—including a giant persimmon tree—chickens, and lots of beautiful flowers.

Lauren and the Persimmon Tree

Chicken Coop

We have enjoyed some good food while here, including these jalepeño burgers.

We also got to see their new rooster crow for the first time and had the experience of petting their many bumble bees.

Oreo the Rooster and His First Crow

Petting the Bumble Bee

We have been talking for some time whether we want to get some chickens or not. The girls have gotten to spend some time with the Kilmer’s this weekend, and we have learned some more about caring and feeding of these things. But we will wait at least until we get back from Texas before making a decision.

Jenna and Lauren go to camp in 10 days, and then we start getting ready to head to Texas for vacation.

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1 Response to Weekend Update

  1. Sheri Schwed says:

    I didn’t know persimmon trees grew that tall! I would like to have chickens also. It’s very tempting, but then I think of the fact that it is one more thing to clean!! We’ll be glad to see all of you again!

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