Summer or Spring?

This has been our first full week of summer with no school—though we still need to do the required end of year testing for NC. The tests have been ordered, so at some point in time this summer, we will commence with two more days of torture for the kids.

It certainly has not felt like summer yet. It was 46° this morning and only supposed to be 75° this afternoon. Speaking of weather. This May was just about the same as last May. The average high was one degree cooler at 79° and the average low was one degree higher at 55°. We did get 4.5 inches of rain compared with less than two last year. It might be a harder adjustment coming back to Texas this summer than it was last year.

Jenna and Lauren head to camp in Mississippi at the end of this week. And Rebekah may attend a camp much closer to home the next week. We also have two high school graduations to attend in the next couple of days: one tonight for a homeschool girl in our church and one on Tuesday at the local high school for a guy from our church.

Some critters are doing their best to remove foliage from our garden plants. Several green bean plants are missing leaves, almost all of the leaves are gone from the sweet potatoes, and some of the corn has been pulled up. So far the tomatoes have remained in tact, and we even have some grape tomatoes growing.

Sweet Potato Plant

Tomorrow the high school group will be in charge of the service. They have been studying Jonah on Wednesday nights, and they are now going to share with the rest of us what they have been learning.

Finally, we have some bluebirds hanging around. There are a couple of houses in the trees in the front yard, and we think we have some babies as well; though, it is hard to tell if the one of the swing set is one of them or not.

Baby Bluebird?


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