Has It Really Been Two Weeks?

Not sure where the last two weeks went. After company left, we have slowly gotten back into a summer time routine, which means not one at all. We have, however, begun to set our sights on the upcoming school year which starts in two weeks. We’ve ordered the last set of books and are actually starting to think about a routine again even if we aren’t in one currently.

Yesterday was exciting as we showed up at church to find that the A/C was not working—and it was a potluck Sunday! Despite the heat, no one complained and the meal afterward found lots of people sitting around and talking and not getting up and rushing off to the comforts of A/C. We are thankful for such an enjoyable and easy going bunch of folks to go to church with.

The garden has been putting out the produce. We pick more than we can eat everyday, which is a good thing. At some point in time during one of the moves, we got rid of all our canning stuff. We are going to have re-invest for next year. We ate our first corn tonight and have been eating tomatoes and peppers for quite some time, with seemingly no end in sight.

We celebrated Lauren’s 13th birthday today! She ordered homemade mac and cheese and a large green salad for dinner. Since we had some fresh corn, we added that to the menu. In a little bit we will have her dessert: chocolate peanut butter squares!

Finally, a couple of pictures: Rebekah with our first ear of corn and a bee who had a full load of pollen trying to get some more from the corn.

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One Response to Has It Really Been Two Weeks?

  1. Sheri says:

    Tell Lauren happy birthday for me. I have not done too well this year on the birthdays!

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