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Caught Red Handed, Yellow (and blue, green, and orange) Present, Blue Moon, Green Veggies

Caught this culprit in the garden this morning.   Went to Atlanta today and finally got Dana’s Anniversary/Birthday present. Watched the blue moon come up tonight. And pickled some okra this evening. All in all a very colorful day.

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The Last Tooth

The last Herrington tooth was pulled today. The next thing you know they’ll be starting college. We also canned 5 pints of jalapeños.  

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Canning Peppers

We began the process tonight of canning some of our peppers from the garden. While we were working on that, the girls were snapping beans that we picked this morning. We will can those later. And we also have four … Continue reading

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Our neighbor across the road gave us half a bushel of green beans and then invited Dana over to can them. Here are the results.   Now we’re going to attempt to do some more canning and pickling.

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The Band

About a year ago, I started playing the piano in a band with some friends from church. There are seven people in the band—a drummer, three guitar players, a bass player, me, and a singer. Last night was our first … Continue reading

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Sneaky and a Sneak Peek

After being mostly devoured early this summer, the okra was making a comeback. But all but about 4 or 5 plants looked like these two this morning.   At lunch, we spotted the probable culprits in the back yard.   … Continue reading

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Pickin’ and Grinnin’

This is what I picked today. And they are grinning because yesterday was the first day back to class.

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