Rainy July = Lots of Veggies

I’m not sure what is normal yet around here: last July’s 2 inches of rain or this July’s almost 8!   Probably somewhere in between. The average high was a little warmer than last year at 88°, but the average low was the same at 66°. As much a anything, I think I enjoy the cool mornings most of all (like this morning when it was 62°), being able to go outside and not break a sweat and breath cool air.

We watched our first olympics last night. We got invited over to some friends. The girls swam in the afternoon and stayed for dinner, and then we all stayed up really late to watch swimming and gymnastics. I’m still not used to the fact that things start an hour later out here. I clearly remember during the last olympics thinking that “prime time” olympic coverage lasting until 11:00 was late. Well, here things don’t get started until 8:00 and they go to 12:00. I’m not sure how people function consistently on the east coast who watch a lot of prime time TV.

We picked another two dozen tomatoes yesterday as well as two dozen jalapeños and a bag of green beans and a half dozen ears of corn. The counter is officially full. Dana was looking for tomato sauce recipes last night.

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One Response to Rainy July = Lots of Veggies

  1. Lue herrington says:

    Yum! All those tomatoes and jalapenos= salsa!
    Sounds like your garden is doing well. Hope you all are too. Love you,

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