Parties and Gardens and 5k

Jenna had some friends over today to make tie dye shirts and hang out before school starts next week. Lauren is going to do the same thing on Friday with some of her friends. The school uniform this year might just be tie dye shirts.

The garden continues to produce very well. When I told a friend that we had tons of jalapeños, he asked if he could have a quart bag full. I filled up about 75% of the bag off of one of our five plants. There were that many more, at least, that are not ready, and the plants are all still blooming. These are the tomatoes I picked today minus about four.

That’s about normal every other day. The plants are still blooming. I suppose that is the main difference between here and Texas. If I remember right, it was really hard to coax a tomato plant through August in hopes of having fall tomatoes, and usually by August, they were starting to turn brown, and they certainly weren’t blooming in 100° heat. Mine are all still as green as can be and still loaded with tomatoes. I guess all the rain and cool mornings help. For July and the first week of August, it has rained 10 inches.

Jenna and I have begun trying to get in shape to run a 5k in September. We have all been walking most of the summer, but now Jenna and I have begun running. Lauren is still thinking about trying to do the 5k as well. We all may end up running and walking, but our goal is to run the whole thing. Jenna and I ran a mile and a half (with some walking in between) this morning. Jenna is doing fairly well. I, however, am coming down the stairs quite slowly this afternoon.


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