Two: Years and Tie Dyes

Yesterday we celebrated two years in NC. We’ve had another wonderful year with lots of visitors:

More exercise in various forms:


Seeing the girls baptized:


Taking a few trips:

Greensboro to see friends from Texas


Jenna’s and Lauren’s Trip to Camp

…including a couple of trips back to Texas.

Moving to a new house and a new view:

Enjoying produce from our very own garden:


And spending time with our church family:

There were many other things that we did and experienced. It has been another wonderful year in NC.

And the other two?

Yesterday, Lauren had some friends over, like Jenna from two days earlier, to make tie dye shirts. Lauren’s was actually a birthday party (about a week late). I think tie dye will now be the official school uniform around here.

Finally, it has been a very rainy the last two weeks. It has rained 8 out of the last 11 days.

The sun is currently shining, and it is supposed to keep doing so for the next few days.




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3 Responses to Two: Years and Tie Dyes

  1. Jack Herrington says:

    Did you get this. Never noticed this at the bottom

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