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Portent of Things to Come?

  Beat the first freeze since we’ve been here by a month! Maybe we should have picked the rest of the peppers last night.

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Lizards and Frost

The cat caught and the girls rescued this fellow this afternoon. Doesn’t he look thankful? He had a surprisingly beautiful underside. We were wondering when we would have our first night in the 30s. Our first night in the 40s … Continue reading

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Winning Without Knowing

The local paper came out today, and we found out that we have some winners in the family. It seems that both Rebekah and Lauren won their age divisions in the 2-mile walk.   Jenna and I weren’t quite so … Continue reading

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Corn and 5K

For the past two days, truck after truck after truck drove past the house full of ground up corn: cobs, stalks, everything. They are harvesting the fields around here for silage for a cattle ranch not too far down the … Continue reading

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Dragon/40s Update

Some comments on some earlier posts: Just as a comparison, Dana and I counted the curves between our house and where we take the trash—which is a fairly curvy road in its own right. Over the three and a half … Continue reading

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Conquering Dragons √

I’ve checked off another “thing to do” in these parts. Today I drove the Tail of the Dragon.  I went to Knoxville for a pastors’ meeting and was leaving from Andrews instead of home, so it was supposedly quicker to … Continue reading

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August Weather and Weekend Miscellaneous

A cooler (by 2°) and wetter (by 2″) August than last year. While the rain has tapered off a bit in the last week or so, we got over 12″ in July and August. Two years ago, September 5th was … Continue reading

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