Conquering Dragons √

I’ve checked off another “thing to do” in these parts. Today I drove the Tail of the Dragon.  I went to Knoxville for a pastors’ meeting and was leaving from Andrews instead of home, so it was supposedly quicker to take a different highway. This particular highway, US 129, has an 11 mile stretch on the NC/TN border that has 318 curves. That works out to a curve roughly every 60 yards. It is nicknamed the Tail of the Dragon and is a favorite of motorcycle riders from all over the country. You really don’t ever straighten out the steering wheel for the 11 mile trip. I’m thinking I’ll never take any of the family on this road as carsickness would definitely come into play! I probably would have enjoyed it more if the clutch in my car wasn’t thinking about going out. That was constantly on my mind, and so I was trying to keep it in one gear the whole time. Maybe I’ll try it again at some point. Thankfully, it was fairly early in the morning, so there was not much traffic. I’m thinking it would be a really pretty drive come fall.

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