Dragon/40s Update

Some comments on some earlier posts:

Just as a comparison, Dana and I counted the curves between our house and where we take the trash—which is a fairly curvy road in its own right. Over the three and a half miles, there were 30 curves. The Tail of the Dragon has that many every mile.

Second, I had wondered when we would have our first morning in the 40s (If you remember, it was the 5th two years ago and the 10th last year). This morning it was 48°.

We pickled two more pints of banana peppers and three more pints of jalapeños last night. The tomatoes are finished, and the deer are now eating the cherry tomatoes, having polished off the okra and green beans and sweet potato leaves. They have left the peppers alone so far, and all the peppers are still blooming, so I assume we will have bells, bananas, and jalapeños until the first frost.


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1 Response to Dragon/40s Update

  1. Jack Herrington says:

    Glad I don’t have to drive that road every day. We had a small cool front-down in the 80’s.
    Went to the fair auction Sat night. Things went high. My Lennox book sold for $275. One quilt sold for $4,000. The yard is burned up. Had a string of over 100 days. We are going to have a reception for Mother’s 90th birthday on the 13th of October–come and go. Wish you could be there. I am slowly getting ready for our class reunion on the 5th of Oct. Business had been slow.

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