Corn and 5K

For the past two days, truck after truck after truck drove past the house full of ground up corn: cobs, stalks, everything. They are harvesting the fields around here for silage for a cattle ranch not too far down the road. Supposedly the machine that grinds it up does eight acres an hour. Needless to say, our fairly quiet road has been rather noisy the last couple of days.

This morning we all got up and went to the hospital for the “Two Hours from Anywhere” 5k

and heart walk.

Jenna and I have been working our way up to running 5k, but haven’t quite made it. We ran most of the way, though, this morning, and I think more than we have ever run before. It was a fun time had by all.

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1 Response to Corn and 5K

  1. Jack Herrington says:

    I couldn’t run 100 yards with my pinched nerve. Went to a spine surgeon this past Wed and am planning on having ortho surgery sometime soon. Have to get a cardiac clerance first and have appointment for that on Oct 10. Weather here has turned cooler and clooudy. Got 1.9″ rain, and need more. Looking forward to finally seeing a Texas game tonight on TV. Hope they win.

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