Winning Without Knowing

The local paper came out today, and we found out that we have some winners in the family. It seems that both Rebekah and Lauren won their age divisions in the 2-mile walk.


Jenna and I weren’t quite so close to the top three in our age categories for the 5k run.

While we are still about 3-4 weeks away from the really colorful fall, some things are changing. Here’s what our view looked like this morning. I’ll update this as the days go by.

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2 Responses to Winning Without Knowing

  1. Jack Herrington says:

    Way to go Rebekah and Lauren. It’s nice to win and not even know it.
    Papa Jack

  2. Aunt Beth says:

    Congratulations on being winners, Lauren & Rebekah!(The rest of the family are winners in my book as well!) Well, you will be pleased to know that Kendall runs a 5K(app. 3 mi.) every Sat. morning in competition as well! (So do Emily & Elizabeth!) This past race, down at UTSA in San Antonio, she ran 1 mile with 2 shoes on and 2 miles with 1 shoe on. The loss occurred when she ran through a mud-pit(yes, we’ve had RAIN!), and the shoe was literally sucked off of her foot! When she went back later to look for her shoe, she found other teanmates’ shoes, but not her own. Thank goodness they were racing shoes provided by the school. Coach has ordered her a new pair! You should have seen her sock-rocks, mud & stickers! She runs in Harper this Sat. am, and then we head to College Station for a quick trip to see Kelsie & Fightin’ Texas Aggie football game!

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