Second Concert

Lauren and the band had their second concert tonight—another outdoor concert in north Georgia for the youth of some local churches.


When the sun went down, it turned rather cold—cold enough for Lauren to need to warm up her hands during one of the songs where she doesn’t play.


We also have a new pet. Ok, not really, but this guy is living outside our dining room window.



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6 Responses to Second Concert

  1. Lue Herrington says:

    Did u watch the Texas OU game? Sad, sad, sad.

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  2. Lue herrington says:

    Go, Lauren!! How did the concert go?
    HAPPY Birthday, Michael. Have a beautiful and blessed day. I love you so much.

  3. Shane & Mary Kay says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry you were not able to be at Gran’s party. We all missed you. Hope you are having a happy birthday. Gran seems to be a bit better, but still has a way to go. Hope Lauren does well with her band and that the other girls are going strong.
    Shane & Mary Kay

  4. Sheri Schwed says:

    I can’t wait to hear you play for us the next time you come!

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