Crater, Corners, Cataract, Cave, and Colors

We have returned from our weekend trip to KY. Sunday we traveled up to Middlesboro, KY to spend the night. It is right outside of Cumberland Gap National Historic Park. It is also built inside a crater.

If you go to Google Maps, you can see it and don’t have to take the sign’s word for it. The next day we hiked around in the Cumberland Gap, including a hike up to the gap and a mountain called Tri-State Peak where the survey lines for TN, KY, and VA all come together.

The Girls in Three Different States at Once

From there we drove over to Cumberland Falls State Park to see the 2nd largest waterfall east of the Mississippi.


While we saw a rainbow in the mist, this is the only place in the western hemisphere to see a moonbow during a full moon.



That evening we arrived at Mammoth Cave National Park.

And the next day we did the Historic Tour, one of about a dozen they give throughout the massive (over 300 miles of surveyed routes) cave system. We only walked two miles. Unlike Carlsbad, a good bit of this cave is dry, though we did venture into some damp areas as we went down. There are some tours that have some stalagmites and stalactites, but ours didn’t have any. This cave is also a lot more rustic than Carlsbad, with some very narrow passages and low hanging ceilings. If Rebekah has to duck, you know it’s small.

There were also some larger passages as well.

There were also some hiking above ground, and we did some of that as well.

The whole trip from beginning to end was full of color.

The girls are going to give more details over the next couple of days of each place we went, including more pictures.







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2 Responses to Crater, Corners, Cataract, Cave, and Colors

  1. roberta4949 says:

    pretty cool to be right on the borders of several states, neato. the trail was kind of cool, to bad I have such bad ankles can’t hike like I used to, used to hike 10 miles at a time,when younger.

  2. Jack Herrington says:

    Know you had a great time. Wish I had been there. We are leaving tomorrow for N. O. Looking forward to some great food. Mother is getting better every day. Hope she continues to do great.

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