St. Augustine

Dana and I went to St. Augustine, Fl. on Thursday for a pastors/wives conference. We had a great time, and wished we had a little more time to spend down there.

I know what must be on everyone’s mind, so let me deal with that first. Yes, St. Augustine does grow in St. Augustine.

We ate at a couple of restaurants:

Aunt Kate’s for lunch (you can read the neat history of the restaurant here):

And the Columbia for dinner:

We also went to the beach—me twice as I went Saturday morning to watch the sun come up.

We also visited a museum that housed the casket (though not the bones) of Don Pedro Menendez, who arrived in St. Augustine in 1565 and settled the town. We have a member of our church who is a direct descendant of Don Pedro. He is also a painter. He painted this portrait which hangs in the museum above the casket.

On the way home today, we got to stop in Athens and see some friends from Texas that we have not seen in a long time.

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