Happy December

The month of December has arrived—whether we wanted it to or not. But I know the kids are ready for the break from school (I think a couple of adults are as well) as well as celebrating Christmas as well as, hopefully, some snow. None yet, but it has been cold—17 mornings in the 20s in November with the coldest being 20° a couple of times. Unfortunately for the girls, it has also been dry: only one inch of rain this month compared to 6 last month and almost 7 last November. The people who know say it is supposed to be colder and drier this winter than last. That doesn’t bode well for snow.

The inside decorations are up, but the outside still need to be done. Maybe today or maybe not. The girls have friends coming over to make Christmas decorations. If I am not run out of the kitchen, I’ll post some pictures later.


We are going to attempt homemade tamales again this year. We have to have our Christmas Eve tamales! Last year’s were good, but we are going to tweak the recipe a little this year as something was missing. Of course, that does require that we remember what we did last year.

We had four deer in the front yard this morning. I guess now that the garden is gone, they have decided that just plain grass will do. Though these two were spending a lot of time under the white oak tree.


I am also trying to add a couple more photos to this post. But wordpress has changed its layout a little, and it is causing me problems. Hopefully they will be there soon. There won’t be many more changes—until it snows!

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1 Response to Happy December

  1. Lue Herrington says:

    Your tree is beautiful! Sorry to hear that the skiing may not be all you’d hoped this year, but u have deer in ur yard. That’s amazing.

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