End of a Semester

We finished up the last day of classes yesterday. The girls have a little work to do over the break, but I have finished grading papers. We are looking forward to the less hectic pace.

Yesterday, Lauren’s class ended the day by dissecting sharks.

Photo 65

Jenna only got to take finals and learn about Latin participles, but she did very well on all her finals. Lauren had to take some finals as well, including drawing Europe from memory and labeling all the countries and capitals as well as some geographic features. With all the things she has to label, she needs a bigger piece of paper! But now she has memorized and can draw from memory all of North and South America as well as Europe. They will tackle Africa, Australia, and Asia next semester.


Tomorrow, Dana and I are going to Knoxville. I have a meeting; Dana is doing some shopping. Friday is the homeschool Christmas party. After that we are going with several families from church to see The Hobbit. On Sunday the kids are doing their Christmas musical, and Sunday afternoon we have a friend coming up from Atlanta to see us. Busy but fun next few days.

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