Happy New Year

We had a great visit with Dana’s sister and family over the break. The kids had lots of fun with the cousins, playing capture the flag in the woods behind the house


Making cookies


New Year’s Eve sparklers


And, of course, attending the Possum Drop on New Year’s Eve, which despite PETA’s inane interference, was still a fun time with a great fire works show at the end.




The weather was cold and wet a lot of the time, and we didn’t get snow—even though the mountains around here had snow on them—


so inside activities had to suffice more than we would have liked, but numerous board games filled up lots of time.

The girls started back to school late this week, working on some over-the-break assignments and getting ready for our first day back with their friends on Tuesday.

While it has snowed three times this winter, we’ve had no accumulation. The long range forecast that we read at the beginning of winter said it was going to be colder and drier than normal. Apparently December didn’t get that memo: it rained almost 7 inches, giving us 59″ for the year, and was warmer than the last two Decembers we’ve been here.

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