Sights: Strange and Not So

This little fellow has been flitting around the house for several days.


And this was the view we woke up to this morning; though, by mid-morning it was all gone. It started snowing again tonight, but I don’t think much will come of it.


But this was the most interesting sight. The car hadn’t been driven all day, so the hood wasn’t warm. Any ideas why this pattern?


We’ve had some snow for the last three days, which is a nice change from all the rain—over 17 inches since the first of the year. It looks like we are going skiing on Tuesday with some other families from church and the homeschool group since the girls have the week off from school. Weren’t sure we were going to go this year. But while we have had a little snow, the ski resort has had lots and is supposed to get more.

The girls have been making these scarves to sell to raise money for a mission trip the church is going on December 2014. They have sold two so far. If you’re interested in one, let us know.


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1 Response to Sights: Strange and Not So

  1. Sheri Schwed says:

    How much are the scarfs?

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