Lake Forest Ranch in Mississippi is one of my favorite places in the world. I’ve gone for the past five summers with my cousins, and ever since that first summer, my week at camp has been a week I spend all year looking forward to. LFR is a place where I get to hang out with my cousins, do some great activities (the big swing is the best!), and be refreshed and challenged in my walk with the Lord.


I’m thrilled because this summer, I’m not just going as a camper. I’m actually going to be on staff at LFR! I’ll be a Sunshine Club leader, which means I’ll be living in a cabin of 7- and 8-year-olds. I’ll spend 24 hours a day with these kids, helping their counselor take care of them. This lasts for the first three sessions of camp, which are junior camps. Then, since the next session is for high school students, I get to stay as a camper. All in all, I get to spend a little less than a month at one of the places I love the most.

Now I really can’t wait for school to be out! I’m so excited about this summer. and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be involved in a ministry that has made such a difference in my life for the past five years. It’s going to be amazing!


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  1. Jack Herrington says:

    Jenna, We are excited for you and your summer camp job. Know you will do a great job. We are proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Have fun and we will see you this summer. Love, Papa Jack and Nana

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