End in Sight

School is winding down for us. Rebekah’s weekly Classical Conversations group is over for the year. She finished up her last day of 5th grade a couple of weeks ago.


She is still doing a little math and history. This year Rebekah wanted to try to be a Memory Master. That is where they recite in one sitting (it takes about an hour) all the things they memorized for the year: a timeline of 161 events in world history, multiplication tables through 15 x 15, squares through 15 and cubes through 10, 24 science facts, 24 history sentences dealing with ancient history, 24 geography facts, some Latin, and English grammar. They have to be able to repeat it to a parent, another adult, their teacher, and then the director of the program does a spot check. She successfully completed it.

Last week Dana and I chaperoned the 8th grade field trip. Lauren will tell you more about it later.

Lauren and Jenna have two more Tuesdays of class and then about a week of math left. One of the things that Lauren and her classmates have been working on all year is drawing and labeling the continents. For their final exam, they will have an hour to draw and label the world from memory—yep, the whole thing—all the countries and capitals, including the 50 states.

We are all ready for the year to be finished. They have worked hard and accomplished lots. Hard to believe we will have two in high school next year.

Jenna leaves for camp three weeks from today. We will miss her but are excited for her.

While we did have a freeze night before last, it is finally warming up around here. But it is also still very wet. So far we have received half the rain fall we got all of last year. I hope April showers will bring lots of May flowers. What we really hope is that it will dry up enough for our neighbor to come plow our garden so we can put stuff in the ground in a couple of weeks. We did cheat and plant some kale and sugar snap peas in the front flower bed. Already thinking about fresh tomatoes!

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