The other day, the “bluebird lady” stopped by to check on our bluebird house. Bluebird numbers were in such a decline by the 70s that the North Carolina Bluebird Society sought to increase their numbers. We have a county coordinator who has put up several bluebird houses (including one in our yard from before we moved here) and monitors their activities. She showed Dana how to check the box and nest and gave her a sheet to monitor the nest. Here are some pictures of our box and eggs.

The house on its pole.

The house on its pole.

You approach the box from the side and lightly tap so if the mom is on the nest, she will fly away. Then you open the side of the box…


…exposing the nest


and slide the nest out to check the eggs/baby birds.


These should hatch sometime in the next week. If so, we’ll have some pictures of the babies. 18 days after hatching, they are full grown and fly away.

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2 Responses to Bluebirds

  1. Sheri Schwed says:

    I was a nestwatcher for bluebirds with Cornell a couple of years ago. What fun. I still have the bluebirds, but this year am just letting them “do their thing.” They are such gregarious birds–the ones from the previous fledglings help feed the next batch!

    • mdjlrnc says:

      They’ve done their thing here, too, for the last year. We’ve seen them flitting around since we’ve been in this house. Fun to watch. There are so many birds around here compared to our other house. Lots of fun to watch them.

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