Weekend Miscellaneous

We are not having good luck with the birds. It seems the mom disappeared, which resulted in all the babies dying. The dad is still around, maybe he’ll start over. We cleaned out the box, and someone is starting to rebuild the nest.

There is another nest in the tree just off our porch. I have no idea what kind of bird it is. There were two babies. This morning, both were on the ground, one dead, the other still alive, but clearly not ready to fly yet. We put it back in the nest. The mom has been in and out of the tree all day, so maybe all will be well.

The deer have been in the garden already, chewing on various things. Not sure what we’ll do. I suppose we’ll try to save up over the course of the next year and invest in an electric fence. In the meantime…

Our cars turned 400k this week.

DSC_0005 DSC_0009

Hopefully the top one will make it back and forth to camp twice and back and forth to Texas.

May was the 6th month in a row with over four inches of rain. Though currently, we are in the middle of the longest we’ve gone all year without rain: 8 days. It was also cooler this month than last year by about 5° and included two frosts in the middle of the month.

Rebekah has a friend over to spend the night tonight. They just got back from a clogging performance that her friend was in. Lauren is babysitting a 4 year old at our house, so lots of excitement in the house. The girls have already been swimming as our neighbors “opened” the pool last week. They said the water was really cold, and with mornings in the 40s this week, I imagine it was.

We take Lauren to camp a week from today. She’s excited, and we’re all excited to see Jenna.

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