Camp and Back Again

It was a long day:

We left the house about 7:00 A.M.

7:34 (entered state #2)


8:03 (entered state #3)


8:23 (entered state #4)


11:56 (Mississippi doesn’t have a sign at the line on state highway 14, but this is the first town you come to)


12:15 (entrance to the camp)


12:23 (the girls back together)


Then seeing the Baileys, waiting in line, getting Lauren registered, unloading her stuff, loading up Jenna’s stuff that she no longer needs now that her work is over, saying goodbye to the Baileys, then the long trip home. 800 miles later, we were home by 12:30. Rebekah was a trooper, never complained, especially having no sisters to talk with on the way home.

If you are wondering, Alabama’s roads are by far the worst of the five states we were in. I-59 is a bumpy, pot-holed mess with few exceptions from start to finish. But they make up for it with their rest stops!

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