Accidents, Unexpected, & Putting Up

Between Dana and the cat, we’ve had an exciting week. The cat got hit by a car yesterday (or at least grazed). She’s scraped up, but the vet said no broken bones. She has just lain around since yesterday morning, but it seems she will be ok.

Dana got into a fight with an immersion blender and has four stitches on her left index finger. She will be ok, too.

Yesterday, we had an unexpected visit from some old friends from Texas, Jon and Janelle, who had been at a conference in Asheville and were heading home through Murphy.


Janelle sang in our wedding. It was good to catch up with them. We think the last time we saw them was 2006.

While some things in the garden are not doing well from all the rain, the jalapeños are being prolific again. We pickled three and a half pounds last night.


Summer is quickly coming to a close as the girls are starting school in less than a month. We’ve already started ordering books.

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