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Fog and Falls

The fog rolled in last night so no meteors. Good hike this morning with a friend just across the border in Tennessee. Most of the hike followed a creek through the Cherokee National Forest. And along the way there were … Continue reading

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Candy and Shooting Stars

They certainly tasted like it—the raspberries that is. I’ve never tasted any this sweet… Oh wait, you can’t taste that, can you? Sorry. And I’m not sure I’ve seen blackberries this big: The blueberries were more ubiquitous, but with all … Continue reading

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It was a peppery evening. We had stuffed peppers from the garden, and then we canned five more pints of various kinds: jalapeños, banana, and some chili peppers (I have no idea what chili peppers will taste like pickled). There … Continue reading

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Another Year About to Begin

We are all about to settle down into another year of school. Rebekah and Lauren have already started math, 6th grade and Algebra II respectively. Jenna will start this week as she returned to camp last week for an end-of-the-year … Continue reading

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