Another Year About to Begin

We are all about to settle down into another year of school. Rebekah and Lauren have already started math, 6th grade and Algebra II respectively. Jenna will start this week as she returned to camp last week for an end-of-the-year staff get-together. Dana’s sister, brother-in-law, and two of their kids came to visit last weekend after dropping off their youngest at camp. They took Jenna back with them. While they were here, we went tubing and Colin took Dana’s stitches out.


Dana went to pick Jenna up Friday. So now we all have some school work to get started on. Today I ordered lab equipment for Jenna’s chemistry class. Hopefully, we won’t blow anything up or catch anything on fire! Jenna and I will be moving on from Latin to Spanish. In addition to chemistry and Spanish,  she will be doing Advanced Math, American History, advanced philosophy and logic, and Shakespeare and poetry.

Lauren will be doing Algebra II, Latin, literature (Newberry books in the fall, short stories in the spring), current events and mock trial, history of science (which includes a research portion and science fair), and logic.

Rebekah is doing 6th grade math, Roman history and middle ages, and then her memorization and writing work.

I will be working with Jenna’s class again this year. There will just be Jenna and two others this year.

It finally hit 90° for the first time since some time in May a couple of days ago. But it has also continued to rain, another 6+ inches in July. Thanks to the deer, there have not been enough green beans to can, but we have eaten quite a bit. About a week after pickling the first six pints of jalapeños, I pickled six more pints. And there may be enough to do another batch, but we’ll probably stuff and roast those instead.

And finally, just because, here’s a fellow I saw when we were on vacation in Texas last month.



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2 Responses to Another Year About to Begin

  1. Sheri says:

    I must have missed something. Why did Dana have stitches?

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