Candy and Shooting Stars

They certainly tasted like it—the raspberries that is. I’ve never tasted any this sweet…


Oh wait, you can’t taste that, can you? Sorry. And I’m not sure I’ve seen blackberries this big:


The blueberries were more ubiquitous, but with all the rain, they were not as sweet as last year’s bunch. But they were still good enough to pick 7 quarts.


This was our post-church excursion with another family. This is their youngest sitting with Lauren “guarding” the berries afterward.


They were one of the first couples we meet when we came here 3 years ago. Zoe, above, is their youngest of five.

Today was also a sad day as we said goodbye to the very first couple we met when we came here.


The Reynolds met us and were our tour guides when we arrived in NC for our week visit back in July of 2010. Chris was also an elder of our church. They are moving to Tennessee, near Bristol, where Chris has a new job coaching basketball.

I’m going hiking in the morning with a pastor friend someplace out near the NC-TN border. The girls are wanting to stay up and watch the meteor shower. That could make for a long day tomorrow.

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