Fog and Falls

The fog rolled in last night so no meteors. Good hike this morning with a friend just across the border in Tennessee. Most of the hike followed a creek through the Cherokee National Forest. And along the way there were a couple of falls.



After the hike, we drove up to Buck Bald for lunch. Thankfully the rain held off this morning.


While I was gone, some of the blackberries from yesterday turned into a cobbler.


And we’ve been waiting on this to turn yellow for quite some time.


Jenna’s and my Classical Conversations class starts tomorrow. Was hoping to get the yard mowed this afternoon, but now it is raining again—for the fifth day in a row. We’ve surpassed 54 inches for the year.

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1 Response to Fog and Falls

  1. Lue Herrington says:

    Beautiful pics. I would love to see the waterfalls, but don’t know about the 3-4 mile hike. What I do know is that cobbler looks absolutely delicious, and since Dana made it, I’m sure it is.
    We actually got more rain last night, don’t know how much, but thanks for sharing.

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