It’s Been Awhile

I don’t know how it got to be three weeks since we’ve posted anything. Must have something to do with school starting. The girls are in the thick of it, writing papers, reading, researching, and math—always math. But the year has gone well so far. Jenna has a new girl in her class, making four now. She is one of three other families that drive from Franklin (about an hour away) on Tuesdays for Classical Conversations. I’m glad we don’t have that far to go.

This morning we passed 60″ of rain for the year. August was another wet, wet month. We had just shy of 9″ of rain and an average high of only 83° for the month. The record for a year is 82″ Not sure if we’ll get there, but if things continue like they have been, it will be close.

We ordered propane this week to get ready for winter. But when we looked at the receipt after he left, he put almost twice what we ordered in the tank. Seeing how we already paid for our order, I’m not quite sure what they will do. Can you take propane out of a tank? Did we get some free heat? The lady I talked to on the phone said she’d have to wait until the delivery order was put in the system. I guess they’ll call us if they need to.

We are looking forward to heading back to Texas in a month and a half for the wedding. Won’t be long now.



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